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The Caring Ministry is responsible for building community within the church, providing pastoral care to congregants in crisis, and helping those in the community who seek assistance from us.


Building Community

The building community function provides social gatherings for congregants to develop a sense of community.  For example, the first Sunday of each month, we hold a potluck meal after worship.  There is always plenty of food so everyone is welcome--this includes visitors.


Pastoral Care

The pastoral care function includes ministering to congregants who are housebound or dealing with an illness or a family member's or friend's death.  This takes the form of calls, visits, and offers of assistance in dealing with transportation and household or lawn care tasks.


Requests for Assistance

The assistance function is supported by voluntary donations to the Pastor's Emergency Fund.  The ability to meet assistance requests depends on the fluctuations of the Pastor's Emergency Fund.  The church's aid is limited to helping with rent or utilities.  If the request for aid falls outside these areas or exceeds the Pastor's Emergency Fund, we can suggest other places to seek assistance.